Labyrinth of Peace

  • New York Jewish Film Festival
  • Mike Schaerer

N.Y. Premiere

Switzerland, 2020, Swiss, German, and French with English subtitles

Switzerland may be reductively synonymous with political neutrality, but the illuminating miniseries, Labyrinth of Peace, created and written by Petra Volpe and directed by Mike Schaerer, examines the profound effects of the Second World War on every aspect of life in that central European nation. The well-appointed and compulsively watchable six-part historical drama opens in 1945, as the conflict’s end heralds a bright future for young people with bold plans. The focal characters are Klara (Annina Walt), concerned for the welfare of uprooted Holocaust survivors; her fiancé, Johan (Max Hubacher), who seeks to revolutionize the struggling textile company run by Klara’s father; and Johan’s brother, Egon (Dimitri Stapfer), who’s tasked with ferreting out ex-Nazis in hiding. All three are faced with the bitter realities of lingering anti-Semitism, unpunished war crimes, and the primacy of profit over human life, forcing them to acknowledge that war leaves no one untouched and prosperity nearly always comes at a price.

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Mike Schaerer

Program Features

Episode 1

Labyrinth of Peace - Episode 1

Episode 2

Labyrinth of Peace - Episode 2

Episode 3

Labyrinth of Peace - Episode 3

Episode 4

Labyrinth of Peace - Episode 4

Episode 5

Labyrinth of Peace - Episode 5

Episode 6

Labyrinth of Peace - Episode 6

Bonus Content

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Q+A with Petra Volpe (creator/writer).

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