Freedom Songs - Shorts Program

  • New York African Film Festival
  • Athi Petela
  • Ifeyinwa Arinze
  • Victoria Adeola Thomas
  • Enricka MH
  • Candice Onyeama

A program of shorts evoking the sounds of liberation, self-expression, and love.

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Athi Petela


Ifeyinwa Arinze


Enricka MH


Candice Onyeama

Program Features


Athi Petela, 2021, South Africa English, isiZulu, and isiXhosa with English subtitles

Ayanda’s double life comes crashing down around her when a surprise visit from her mom upsets the carefully built closet she hides in. Torn between traditional family expectations and career aspirations, Ayanda tears her relationship apart. But somewhere in the heart of it all, acceptance is found.

TWO OR MORE intro by Ifeyinwa Arinze

Ifeyinwa Arinze introduces Two Or More

Two or More

Ifeyinwa Arinze, 2021, USA

Wrestling with the loss of her mother, a young girl questions her faith when she is asked to pray for her grandmother’s healing.

A BIRTHDAY PARTY intro by Victoria Thomas

Victoria Thomas introduces A Birthday Party

A Birthday Party

Victoria Adeola Thomas, 2021, UK

The close relationship between twin sisters is shattered irrevocably when one insists on upholding tradition through the circumcision of her daughter.

La K-Z intro by Enricka MH

Enricka MH introduces La K-Z

La K-Z

Enricka MH, 2019, France French with English subtitles

“The K-Z” is the slang term for a leisure activity that the young boxer Moussa views with suspicion. But a friend advises him to give it a try in order to attract the attention of the beautiful Sanaa.

BORN AGAIN intro by Candice Onyeama

Candice Onyeama introduces Born Again.

Born Again

Candice Onyeama, 2020, UK English and Igbo with English subtitles

A magical-realist film set in London, Born Again follows Nwa, a British-Nigerian woman tormented by her inability to have children. However, a transformative baptism leads her on a journey of healing and rebirth.

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