Monday, December 14, 5:00pm ET

In celebration of the 49th annual New Directors/New Films, taking place December 9-20, Film at Lincoln Center is proud to host a special New Wave-edition of our recurring Members Film Club series. Film Club is like a book club for movies where members come together to chat about a shared selection.

Join New Wavers—FLC’s membership group for movie lovers in their 20s and 30s—for the final Film Club of 2020, featuring an exclusive conversation with Anne at 13,000 Ft. director Kazik Radwanski and star Deragh Campbell (a FLC 2018 Artist Academy participant and ND/NF 2019 special New Wave guest!).

A message from FLC’s Alexandra Siladi and Alysha Dixon:

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Directed by Kazik Radwanski

Starring Deragh Campbell

“Astonishing … A riveting and radical act of empathy.” – Variety

“A high-flying performance underlaid with tension.” – The Hollywood Reporter

Actress Deragh Campbell has been building a repertoire of idiosyncratic, lived-in performances (including last year’s ND/NF selection MS Slavic 7), but her rattling, interiorized portrait of a young woman in free-fall in Anne at 13,000 Ft. sets new heights for her—as well as for its director, Kazik Radwanski (whose also tightly focused Tower was an ND/NF highlight in 2013). Here, the nimble Canadian filmmaker forces viewers to dive headlong into the daily struggles of Anne, a young daycare worker in Toronto whose seemingly steady life gives way to increasing anxiety and recklessness, her unpredictable behavior coinciding with a burgeoning romance with a well-meaning guy (Matt Johnson) wholly unprepared for her quarter-life crisis. Like John Cassavetes, Radwanski risks putting us in close proximity with a character we may bristle at, but the result is a cleansing emotional experience that coaxes our compassion. A Cinema Guild release.

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