Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro (2020)

  • New York Asian Film Festival
  • 1h 40m
  • Japan
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Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro is presented with an antipiracy, visual watermark throughout the film.

Equating the quotidian skill of cooking tonkatsu (fried pork cutlets) with the nontraditional yet strangely organic art of DJing is characteristically Japanese (think the opening of the ramen classic Tampopo), and unmistakably befitting of a manga. This mainstream movie adaptation of the titular comic brings that flippant zen-like spirit to life with bells on. Fast-paced and hilarious down to a classic dad joke built around the love interest’s name, it’s a no-holds-barred send-up of the consuming need to find one’s purpose in life, especially when it’s staring one in the face. The dazzling production features clever cultural nods built around inventive set pieces, including an uproarious DJ stand that’s to die for. The charming cast is as inspired as the beats of the records and the sizzling of the katsu are electrifying. Throwing coming-of-age tropes and romantic comedy into its up-tempo mix, Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro will leave you hungry for more.


Ken Ninomiya





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