The Ties (2020)

  • Open Roads: New Italian Cinema
  • 1h 40m
  • Italy

An intimate chronicle spanning four decades, Daniele Luchetti’s latest skips across time and space, presenting fragments of a family’s history to arrive at a seductively complex group portrait. Adapted from a novel by co-scriptwriter Domenico Starnone, The Ties stars Alba Rohrwacher and Luigi Lo Cascio as a married couple raising their children in Naples in the early 1980s; a confession of infidelity sets the gears in motion for the events of the years to come, in which the family will be torn asunder only to reassemble time and again. An ambitious and moving drama anchored by an exceptional ensemble cast, The Ties plays with the irreconcilability of individual memories of a shared past to conjure the persistence of familial loyalty.


Daniele Luchetti





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Open Roads: New Italian Cinema 2021 Trailer
The Ties Q&A

A conversation with director Daniele Luchetti moderated by FLC film programmer Dan Sullivan.

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