The Old Town Girls (2020)

  • New York Asian Film Festival
  • 1h 44m
  • China
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An alienated teenage girl lives unhappily with her indifferent father, uncaring stepmother and bratty half-sister. When she’s finally reunited with her glamorous-yet-reckless biological mother, the two form a deep, inseparable bond. However, insurmountable debt and ruthless loan sharks soon set the pair’s lives spiraling out of control. This arresting drama-cum-thriller spotlights societal dysfunction through the lens of a fractured family. As it raises a litany of crucial contemporary issues, including materialism usurping human compassion, it also offers a tender and prescient look at our most precious, vulnerable, and fragile connections. Told with exquisite artistry, highlighted by striking cinematography, writer-director Shen Yu’s film is a chilling true-crime drama blended seamlessly with dream-like impressionism, marking her as a promising new talent.


Shen Yu





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