The Mouth of the Wolf (2009)

  • Pietro Marcello
  • 1h 8m
  • Italy

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Marcello’s haunting documentary is a sui generis love story, following the 20-year relationship between a Sicilian heavy named Vincenzo and a trans convict named Mary after their meet-cute in prison. When she gets out, Mary pledges to wait for Vincenzo on the outside, though things become more complicated as she finds herself grappling with heroin addiction. But Marcello isn’t merely content to render their romance in all its love and complexity: The Mouth of the Wolf is also a lyrical, sensuous, and melancholy tribute to the port city of Genoa, capturing its singular aura and its intoxicating air of eternity. Winner of the Teddy Award for Best Documentary Film at the 2010 Berlinale. A Grasshopper Film release.


Pietro Marcello





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