The Lobby (2020)

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  • 1h 16m
  • Germany, Argentina
Last Chance to Rent Oct 6, 8:00 PM ET

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“There is no Here here.” A character simply named Old White Male (John Erdman) holds court in the lobbies of various apartment buildings in Buenos Aires and expounds with measured disgust on death, consciousness, and the state of contemporary human relations. The man’s mostly unsolicited remarks form an unsparing, stitched-together modern-day monologue that alternates between absurd and chilling, reasonable and grotesque. Filmed in Buenos Aires in October 2019, Heinz Emigholz’s spare continuation—and sardonic distillation—of certain themes explored in The Last City is morbid, confrontational, and hilarious.


Heinz Emigholz



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The Lobby Intro

An introduction by Eugene Hernandez, Dennis Lim and director Heinz Emigholz.

The Lobby Q&A

A conversation between Dennis Lim and director Heinz Emigholz.

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