Tahara (2020)

  • New York Jewish Film Festival
  • 1h 18m
  • USA
Last Chance to Rent Jan 17, 12:00 PM ET

This poignant and comic story traces the coming-of-age of two Jewish teenage girls—one white and straight, and the other Black and queer. Set in Rochester, NY, the film begins at the funeral service of their former Hebrew school classmate who suddenly commits suicide. A complicated romance unexpectedly arises as the best friends navigate their feelings about this tragedy and themselves, and try to make sense of their teacher’s well-meaning but misguided advice about grieving.

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Olivia Peace



Bonus Content

New York Jewish Film Festival Trailer
Tahara Q+A

A conversation with director Olivia Peace and writer/producer Jess Zeidman moderated by Aviva Weintraub, director of the New York Jewish Film Festival.

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