Short Vacation (2020)

  • New Directors/New Films 2021
  • 1h 19m
  • South Korea
Last Chance to Rent May 7, 6:00 PM ET

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A delightful meditation on young people’s discovery of the world around them, Short Vacation follows four middle school girls (members of their school’s photography club) who decide to spend a bit of their summer holiday seeking out the very ends of the earth. Armed with little more than disposable cameras, the girls take a line on the Seoul Metropolitan Subway as far as it goes before setting out on foot, continuing their journey while stopping frequently to admire the new-to-them scenery, to muse on the everyday events unfolding around them, and above all else, to strengthen their bonds through conversation and their shared experience of this eye-opening dérive. A leisurely and understatedly poetic sketch of children glimpsing the threshold of the world of adults for the first time, Short Vacation more than lives up to the promise of its title.


Kwon Min-pyo


Seo Han-sol





Bonus Content

New Directors/New Films 2021 Trailer
Short Vacation Q&A

A conversation with directors Kwon Min-pyo , Seo Han-sol moderated by NDNF Co-Chair and MoMA film programmer La Frances Hui.

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