Rock Bottom Riser (2021)

  • New Directors/New Films 2021
  • 1h 10m
  • USA
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Hawaii’s swirling, roiling flow of volcanic lava provides the anchor for this energetic, visually and sonically bold cinematic essay by experimental filmmaker Fern Silva. Filled with astounding telescopic imagery and engaging digressions into philosophically related phenomena, Rock Bottom Riser breaks temporal and generic boundaries, touching upon everything from astronomy to geology to ethnography, from the origins of the universe to colonialism’s remapping of our planet. Silva erupts all notions of what one might expect from “nature documentary” filmmaking, and shows viewers familiar worlds made alien. A Cinema Guild Release


Fern Silva



Bonus Content

New Directors/New Films 2021 Trailer
Rock Bottom Riser Q&A

A conversation with Fern Silva moderated by Film at Lincoln Center film programmer, Dan Sullivan.

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