Radiograph of a Family (2020)

  • New Directors/New Films 2021
  • 1h 21m
  • Norway, Iran, Switzerland
Last Chance to Rent May 7, 6:00 PM ET

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Firouzeh Khosrovani has created an experience of profound immersion, using archival photographs, video footage, letters read aloud, and other fragments and mementos to tell the story of her family. The narrative of her parents—Hossein, a progressive-minded radiologist studying in Switzerland, and Tayi, the more devout Muslim woman he brings there from Tehran to marry—is also a valuable document of the history of contemporary Iran, deftly and movingly exploring assimilation versus tradition, and depicting her mother’s own awakening in the lead-up to the country’s cultural revolution that took shape in the late 1970s. Radiograph of a Family is a loving and evocative reminder of the human-scale fragility beneath every epochal social movement.


Farsi, French



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New Directors/New Films 2021 Trailer
Radiograph of a Family Q&A

A conversation with director Firouzeh Khosrovani moderated by NDNF Co-Chair and MoMA film programmer La Frances Hui.

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