Over The Town (2020)

  • New York Asian Film Festival
  • 2h 10m
  • Japan
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With his finger firmly planted on the pulse of Japan’s slacker lifestyle, auteur Rikiya Imaizumi sets this quirky send-up of modern romance in Tokyo’s hippest ‘hood, Shimokitazawa. The protagonist is a “freeter”’—one who works a non-career job with no ties and no clear ambitions. When his girlfriend leaves him for another man, he is incredulous but helpless. He flounders along, oblivious to the fact that he is admired by others as either a love interest or a potential movie star, never losing his effervescent charm. Imaizimui’s sublime travelogue of the city’s bohemia offers wry insights into the zen of cool.


Rikiya Imaizumi





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