One Second Champion (2020)

  • New York Asian Film Festival
  • 1h 35m
  • Hong Kong
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One Second Champion is presented with an antipiracy, visual watermark throughout the film.

Presented with English and Traditional Chinese subtitles.

Known as the “One-Second Wonder,” Chow Tin-yan could see things a moment before they happened, and as a child he enjoyed brief celebrity for his gift. But fame was a flash in the pan, leaving him a sad-sack single father struggling to get by. Cue an asthmatic boxer who by chance transforms him into the One-Second Champion, winning match after match with dazzlingly fast moves. An angered opponent spurs melodrama, and a new challenge is set for the third act. All the right targets are hit in this gloriously fun and inspiring twist on the fight film from Chiu Sin-hang, co-director of Vampire Cleanup Department (NYAFF 2017).


Chiu Sin-hang





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