My Brother's Wedding (1983)

  • New Directors/New Films at 50: A Retrospective
  • 1h 21m
  • USA

Unreleased following its 1984 New Directors/New Films premiere, Charles Burnett’s deeply humanist follow-up to Killer of Sheep (1978) observes a man adrift, Pierce Mundy (Everett Silas), navigating friendship and familial obligation in South Central Los Angeles. Relatively ambitionless and content to work at his parents’ dry-cleaning business for the foreseeable future, Pierce is a quintessential underachiever, at least compared to his lawyer brother Wendell (Monte Easter), who has upward class mobility on his mind with an impending wedding to a wealthy, pretentious woman. But when Pierce’s best friend Soldier (Ronnie Bell) gets out of prison, Pierce finds his own conflicts with the world around him coming to a head. My Brother’s Wedding stands among Burnett’s richest and most affecting meditations on the tragicomedy of everyday life.


Charles Burnett



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