Man on the Tracks (1957)

  • 1h 22m
  • Poland

A provocative examination of party-line deviation and coercion in Stalinized Poland, Man on the Tracks takes place in the aftermath of a locomotive driver’s ostensible suicide, and centers on an investigation of the deceased, Orzechowski, whose questionable political orientation makes him the prime suspect in a railway sabotage case. In the first of Munk’s many collaborations with the writer Jerzy Stefan Stawiński (who also penned Wajda’s Kanał), a mystery unfolds through a Rashomon-style structure, with Orzechowski’s bosses and assistants rendering their impressions of him and the events leading to his demise via extended flashbacks. Absent any music, the film sustains a grim, skittish atmosphere with the sounds of whistles, alarms, and pistons that punctuate its laconic dialogue and austere compositions. **Restoration by The Chimney Pot and Soundplace. **


Andrzej Munk





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