Lost and Beautiful (2015)

  • Pietro Marcello
  • 1h 27m
  • Italy

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Shot on expired 16mm film stock and freely incorporating archival footage and folkloric tropes, Marcello’s beautiful and beguiling film begins as a portrait of the shepherd Tommaso, a local hero in the Campania region of southern Italy, who has volunteered to look after the abandoned Bourbon palace of Carditello despite the state’s apathy and threats from the Mafia. When Tommaso suffers a fatal heart attack during the film’s shooting, Marcello boldly grants his subject’s dying wish: for a Pulcinella straight out of the commedia dell’arte to rescue a buffalo calf from the palace. A documentary that soars into the realm of myth, Lost and Beautiful is an enormously moving work of political cine-poetry.


Pietro Marcello





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