Kaddish (1984)

  • New York Jewish Film Festival
  • 1h 34m
  • USA
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Yossi Klein’s life was shaped by an event he never experienced. His father, Zoltan, a Hungarian Jew, survived the Holocaust in part by hiding in a hole in the ground for six months. In 1950 he relocated to Brooklyn’s Borough Park, the largest Orthodox community of survivors in the United States, and three years later Yossi was born. For many boomers coming of age in the 1950s and ‘60s, the postwar years were a time of stability and calm, but Yossi’s childhood was dominated by his father’s belief that the Shoah could recur at any time. Filmmaker Steve Brand spent five years chronicling the lives of the Klein family, proffering a warm and engaging glimpse at 1980s New York and the young man who would become Yossi Klein Halevi, noted writer and activist. The resulting film, Kaddish, movingly contemplates how trauma is passed down from parent to child, and how history must be confronted lest it be repeated.

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