Eyimofe (This Is My Desire) (2020)

  • New Directors/New Films
  • 1h 56m
  • Nigeria
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With fluid storytelling and precise, detailed attention to quotidian life, Nigerian filmmaking duo Arie Esiri and Chuko Esiri have created a tale consisting of two parallel narratives, following a pair of characters trying to transcend their daily struggles in teeming Lagos. In the first, engineer Mofe (Jude Akuwudike) wades through the paperwork necessary for him to emigrate to Spain, but sees his plans potentially thwarted when tragedy befalls his family; in the second, young hairdresser Rosa (Temi Ami-Williams) pursues various financial avenues to start a new life in Italy, but finds herself up against various transactional obstacles. Though inspired by the legacies of neorealism, the Esiri brothers find their own cinematic language, creating a tale of attempted migration and economic desperation that refuses to succumb to misery, maintaining a matter-of-fact awe for the vibrant life in a city of more than 14 million.


Arie Esiri


Chuko Esiri


Nigerian, English



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Eyimofe (This Is My Desire)

A conversation with directors Arie & Chuko Esiri moderated by FLC programmer Dan Sullivan.

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