Expedition Content (2020)

  • Art of the Real
  • 1h 18m
  • USA

Recording or photographing is strictly prohibited.

In 1961, filmmaker Robert Gardner organized a Harvard-Peabody expedition to Dutch New Guinea to study the Hubula people, bringing with him a small group of colleagues including author Peter Matthiessen and anthropologist/heir Michael C. Rockefeller. Drawing upon the 37 hours of audio recordings Rockefeller made during this journey, Ernst Karel and Veronika Kusumaryati’s film both explores and upends the power dynamics between anthropologist and subject, and image and sound. In this nearly imageless film, the aural takes precedence over the visual, immersing the audience in the complex interplay of voices, encounters (and impasses) of language, and the mysterious textures of recorded sound.

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Ernst Karel


English, Mid Grand Valley Dani, Dutch



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