Eroica (1957)

  • 1h 20m
  • Poland

Munk’s international breakthrough film represented a formative leap in the director’s style and tone. Based on two short stories by frequent collaborator Jerzy Stefan Stawiński, this diptych snaps from comedy to tragedy to deconstruct notions of Polish heroism in World War II. The first episode, a sharply pointed farce titled “Scherzo alla Polacca,” follows a quixotic bon vivant after he deserts Poland’s underground resistance to avoid the Warsaw Uprising. The far more despairing narrative “Ostinato Lugubre” involves a group of Polish POWs and one soldier’s hopeless attempt at escape. Munk’s wartime symphony is steeped in humor, yet fully aware of the dark visions of war and its horrors, particularly the nationalistic mores impressed on societies. **Restoration by The Chimney Pot and Toya Studios. **


Andrzej Munk





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