Corporate Accountability (2020)

  • Art of the Real
  • 1h 8m
  • Argentina

Recording or photographing is strictly prohibited.

The history of Argentina’s brutal military dictatorship, extending from 1976 to 1983, is also a history of complicity: one in which wealthy capitalists and corporations collaborated with the far-right death squads of the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance to crush dissent and worker organization. Jonathan Perel’s film is a sustained examination of the involvement of these companies—both domestic and multinational, and many still extant—in the arrests, torture, deaths, and disappearances of tens of thousands of their own workers. Images of factory buildings and corporate headquarters, shot from the inside of Perel’s car, lend the film the tense air of a conspiracy thriller, but its rigorous structure methodically details a history that is all too real, and all too present.

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