Bad Luck (1960)

  • 1h 48m
  • Poland

A withering satire on the tactics of opportunism in early-20th-century Poland, Munk’s penultimate film shows the director at his most simultaneously acerbic and controlled. Bugumił Kobiela (Ashes and Diamonds) stars as Piszczyk, an “unlucky” Pole who looks back on the various crises of his life to protest his release from a communist prison. Munk once again turns to the flashback strategy to unveil his protagonist’s unscrupulous survival instincts that perpetually, and hilariously, backfire. Blisteringly subversive and wonderfully idiosyncratic, Bad Luck is something like a Witold Gombrowicz novel translated by Charlie Chaplin. Restoration by Fixafilm.


Andrzej Munk





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