Andrzej Munk All Access Bundle

  • 5 films

Considered one of the founders of the Polish Film School movement, Andrzej Munk’s work encapsulates the spirit of rebellion in postwar Poland. Watch new restorations of seven of his pivotal films that bring his cinematic contributions into sharper focus.

In the Bundle, all films have a 5-day rental period. Once you press play, the viewing window begins and you have 24 hours to watch the film

Content included in this bundle

Bad Luck (1960)
  • Andrzej Munk
  • 1h 48m
Eroica (1957)
  • Andrzej Munk
  • 1h 20m
Man on the Tracks (1957)
  • Andrzej Munk
  • 1h 22m
The Men of the Blue Cross preceded by Destination – Nowa Huta!
  • Andrzej Munk
Passenger preceded by A Walk in the Old City of Warsaw
  • Andrzej Munk
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